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A Peace Of Mind Home Improvement Install and Interview

A Peace of Mind Home Improvement owner, Randy Leppert, walks us through a Raindrop Gutter Guard install on a 6-inch gutter and metal roof with his team.

Then later, Randy speaks with us about what he likes most about Raindrop Gutter Guard.


Video Transcript

Raindrop: A Peace of Mind Home Improvement. They are installing black gutters with Raindrop. On a chilly day, right before New Years.

Just ahead of the crew a little bit. They’re getting ready to start on this run of gutters. It’s about sixty-six feet.

Randy: So as you can see the gutter guards are going on. Raindrop Gutter Guard. It’s going down. It’s going pretty fast. Making way. Now he’s setting them up. Three screws in.

These are 6-inch gutters. But with it being a metal roof we cut the one tab off in the back, which makes it sit in there real easy. He’s going to put the three screws in. One on the end, one in the middle, one on the other end. And he’s going to be moving to the next one

So you can see once you have it set up and you get yourself organized it goes pretty quickly. And then he, as you can see, just pulled that screw off of his wrist. He’s wearing one of those magnetic wristbands so it holds his screws on there so it saves him time.

So as a contractor he’s going through it pretty quickly. And we have, as you can see, he’s got them laid out. Right down here. So he’s got to go get a few more to finish up down here and then over to the end. The process goes pretty quick, once you lay it out as a contractor.

And when you have these done for the homeowner it gives them… A Peace of Mind šŸ˜‰

Raindrop: I’m here in Cincinnati with A Peace of Mind Home Improvement, Owner Randy Leppert, who’s installing Raindrop on this beautiful house. Tell us, Randy… What’s your favorite part about Raindrop?

Randy: Well Dave, I think it’s just great for; one, it’s just very easy for the installers, which is myself and my guys. It comes 3 foot, you can use if for 5-inch gutter, 6-inch gutter. Different types of gutters, it fits very well. Anything that you have left you don’t have to run back to the supplier, you can throw it in your truck. It’s not going to get damaged or anything until you need it for your next job.

For the homeowners, its nice is has the 20-year warranty with it. You don’t get any problems with sticks falling out of the trees and denting it, and this and that. The water goes through well but keeps everything else out.

So far for us, we’ve done probably about 3,000 foot of it so far and we’ve had nothing but success with it.

Raindrop: Awesome man. Hey thanks a lot, Randy, we appreciate it!

Randy: You’ve got it. Thank you!