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Raindrop Announces First National Corporate Partnership

Joining The Wolfpack of Travis Roofing Supply

Travis Roofing Supply and Raindrop Gutter Guard

Cary, IL— 3/14/2019 — Today Steve Nitch, Creator and Founder of Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems, announced that a national corporate partnership has been made with Travis Roofing Supply of Austin, TX.  Travis Roofing Supply has agreed to stock Raindrop Gutter Guard in locations across the US, the majority of which are areas new to Raindrop.

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with Travis Roofing Supply, Raindrop is going to be an excellent complement to the portfolio of quality products that Travis currently offers its contractors.,” said Ben Nitch, Sales and Marketing at Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems.

Positive Customer Impact

Many contractors have started leading with Raindrop® as their primary gutter guard system. Trevor Atwell of Atwell Exterior Services in Greenville, NC has used Raindrop Gutter Guard System as part of his solutions for many years. Raindrop Gutter Guard products are available and have enabled Trevor to offer a quality product to his customers along with quality service.

“ ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.’- Benjamin Franklin,” said Trevor.

Product Availability

Raindrop will be rolled out to Travis locations throughout this spring and summer of 2019.  Call your nearest Travis Roofing Supply location to find out the date of availability or check their website

Founded in 2000, Raindrop® is a registered trademark and a privately held company. With a vision of only providing “Roof-to-River” quality water and debris management products. Raindrop’s family of products include the Raindrop Gutter Guard and accessories such as Wide-Mouth outlets, Downspout Clean-outs, Extreme Valleys, Rain Barrels, and ice combative Heat Cables.