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Snow & Ice Ripped Off Gutter System

Gutter Ripped off by snow and ice

Snow & Ice Damage

This gutter system was torn off the home after a recent snowfall and ice storm in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The home’s 6-inch half-round gutters had a perforated metal gutter guard. This particular style lays flat and below the front lip of the gutter creating a snag point for the snow and ice to grab when it slides down the metal roof. As a result, the gutter system was torn off the home.

Yes, this metal roof does not have any snow stops on it. However, this problem still could have been prevented.

The Solution:

This home needs a gutter guard with a forward slope that continues over the front lip of the gutter. In other words, a gutter guard with no snag points.

The Raindrop Gutter Guard sits at a pitch with its unique universal front mount on top of the half-round gutter’s front lip. So, when the snow and ice go sliding down the roof, it will slide right over the surface and protect your very nice half-round gutter system.


The best way to install Raindrop, on this particular 6-inch half-round gutter with a metal roof, is the Drop-In Style. Since the gutters were re-hung with special half-round gutter brackets, there was no support for Raindrop to keep its pitch. In addition, due to the location of the home, a second trip couldn’t be made and the installer used what they had on hand. So, they manipulated standard 6-inch brackets to support Raindrop Gutter Guard’s flex-flange. Allowing the gutter guard to keep its pitch and perform for many snow storms to come.

In conclusion, if this sounds all too familiar, it is time for you to get Raindrop Gutter Guard for your home.

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Half Round Gutter
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