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Gutter Guard for Spanish Tile Roof

Gutter Guard for Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish Tile Roofs can be difficult to incorporate a gutter guard with to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters.

As noted in the letter from the customer found below, clay tiles can overhang the fascia board and gutters can be installed high. This would make it difficult or impossible for many gutter guards to be installed on homes with clay tiles. Thankfully, Raindrop’s versatility of installation allows for a perfect match with Spanish Tile Roofs.

Another area of concern is that the rain water may be traveling too fast for many gutter guards to capture it.

Many other products simply can’t handle the water flow on a clay tile roof. If rain water is overshooting your home’s gutters, it ends up on the ground near the foundation. Overtime this can cause massive problems to your home such as a cracked foundation and flooded basement.

Rest assured, Raindrop® has been designed to capture every drop of rain water.

The strength and durability of Raindrop Gutter Guard will provide the lasting protection your gutters need from leaves and debris.

I purchased these gutter guards from you late last year.

We had a unique installation, because of the clay tile roof, how much the tiles overhang the fascia, and how high our gutters are installed. I finally got around to installing the 2nd floor gutter guards, and I wanted to send you some pictures.

Thanks for the great product and customer service.

- Steven