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Wide Mouth Outlet Installation Instructions

Installing a Wide Mouth Outlet onto your gutter system will eliminate debris snags and increase water flow. It opens the whole floor of the gutter and is roughly 4 times larger that a typical cup outlet.

Most gutter outlets are installed with zip screws sticking up from the bottom of the gutter floor and caked in caulking. The Wide Mouth Outlet rearranges where the screws are placed so they are out of the way of becoming potential debris stoppers.

The Raindrop® Wide Mouth Outlet comes in 2 sizes to fit a 5 inch gutter and a 6 inch gutter. The installation process is the same for both sizes. Follow the instructions below, and you will successfully install a Wide Mouth Outlet.

Wide Mouth Outlet Installation Instructions - Image 1

Note: Use of screws for connecting Wide Mouth and downspout piping is a common practice, however Raindrop® recommends the use of pop-rivets whenever possible because of the lower profile and decreased chances of debris being snagged over time by a screw tip inside the gutter or downspout.

Tools Needed: Tin Snips, Tape Measure, Hand Seamers, Rivet Gut, 1/8” rivets, Drill, 1/8” drill bit, Pencil, Caulk Gun.

Tools Needed

Step 1: Gutter Outlet Preparation

Wide Mouth Outlet Installation
  1. New Gutters: Punch/cut a regular size outlet hole [1].
    Existing Gutters: Remove any caulk and fasteners holding the outlet cup in place.
    Cut and pull until outlet can be removed [1].
  2. Mark two outside edge lines at 90° [2,3] centered over outlet hole [1].
    • 5 inch gutter = lines are 5.5 inches apart.
    • 6 inch gutter = lines are 6.25 inches apart.
  3. Mark lines from opening to each corner and cut [4].
  4. Bend all four flaps straight downward [5]. Bend along line.
  5. Trim rough edges off of all flaps [6] – leave flaps a minimum of 1/2 inch from gutter floor.

Step 2: Prepare Wide Mouth Outlet

Wide Mouth Outlet Installation Instructions
  1. Temporarily hold downspout pipe under and on to the Wide Mouth bottom and mark all four corners [7] where pipe hits Wide Mouth.
    *Use dimples on Wide Mouth as a guide/reference. Not all downspouts are the same.
  2. Separate pipe and Wide Mouth, then cut all four corners along the bend [8] from bottom [9] of Wide Mouth up to your marks [7].
  3. Bend these flaps outward slightly past straight down [10].
    Bend along line.

Step 3: Install Wide Mouth Outlet

Wide Mouth Outlet Installation Instructions
  1. Position Wide Mouth centered under the gutter opening so it is tight to the gutter floor [11].
    *Wide Mouth front 
    [12] and back [15] to be outside of the gutter. Gutter flaps [5] to be inside of the Wide Mouth sides.
  2. Secure back of the Wide Mouth with a fastener thru the back of the gutter [14] from inside the gutter and in an area that will also penetrate the high back portion of the Wide Mouth [15].
  3. Secure the front of the Wide Mouth to the gutter with a pop-rivet [13].

Step 4: Final Sealants

Wide Mouth Outlet Installation Instructions
  1. Apply sealants over the front and back fasteners on the inside of the gutter [16].
  2. Apply sealants on the inside of the gutter at all four corners [17].
    Keep sealant below the gutter floor surface.Wide Mouth Installation is now complete.
  3. Continue with your connection of downspout piping.

NOTE: Downspout pipe needs to be lowered (or cut back) from the gutter floor to allow for the added height of the Wide Mouth Outlet when installed between an existing gutter and downspout pipe. 2″x 3″ downspout – lower ≈ 4″ | 3″x 4″ downspout – lower ≈ 2″