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Association Agrees On This Gutter Guard

Homeowners Associations across America are starting to look for ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Associations are spending thousands of dollars toward yearly gutter cleanings. Shouldn’t that money be allocated toward long term permanent investments that increase property value?

Raindrop Gutter Guards was the choice one architect made for this beautiful community in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the following video, get a bird’s eye view of this neighborhood with the Raindrop Gutter Guard System that was recently installed.

The Advantages Of Gutter Protection For A Homeowners Association

  • Reduce maintenance expenses
    • Instead of a maintenance or cleaning crew coming by and cleaning out the gutters multiple times a year, have Raindrop Gutter Guards installed once.
  • Decrease potential injury to maintenance staff and crews
    • The chance of someone falling and getting hurt is greatly reduced when they are not on a ladder.
  • Eliminate Ice dams and the damages they cause
    • When a gutter is clogged with debris and water, it will freeze solid, eventually creating an ice dam. If a ice dam isn’t taken care of immediately, it can cause serious damages to homes in your association.

Homeowners Association: 50 Buildings in Cincinnati, OH

*This particular project is being completed by Ameridian Specialty Services, Inc.*

Association Agrees On This Gutter Guard - Image 1

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