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Clogged Gutters Are Nasty!

Bugs everywhere, leaves broken down into wet mush, trees starting to grow from their seeds, and lets not forget the smell… it’s like a swampy garbage dump. Do you know whats happening in your own gutter or the consequences of their condition?

Clogged Gutters Will Damage Your Home

Clogged Gutters with Growing Trees

When your gutters are left unprotected, they are susceptible to clogs. A clogged gutter will lead to unsightly and potentially costly damages.

Common problems and damages from clogged gutters:

Bug Infestation: The backed-up water and decomposing leaves and other debris make a perfect habitat for bugs like earwigs (as seen in the video), ants, slugs, spiders, roly polies and other creepy crawlies.

Mold Growth: A clogged gutter is damp and full of broken-down debris, then mold may start to develop.

Tiger Striping: These are dirty streaks seen on the front of the gutter. This is a telltale sign that your gutters need a cleaning.

Trees Growing In Your Gutter: Another obvious sign your gutters are clogged is when you can see vegetation growing up from your gutter. When these seedlings start growing larger, water will be forced to overflow out of your gutters, causing more damage.

Flooded Basements & Cracked Foundations: The most ominous malfunction of your gutter can lead to is flooding in your basement or a cracked foundation. This can result in thousands of dollars in repairs and damaged personal property.

Warning Signs & Answers To Clogged Gutters

To eliminate clogged gutters altogether, consider having Raindrop Gutter Guards installed.