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Best Gutter Guards For Pine Needles

Your home is surrounded by pine trees, although their beauty and magnitude accentuate the landscape of your home, all of your pines are tall enough to reach over your gutters.

They shed their needles all over the roof and eventually clog your gutters. Cutting down your pine tree is out of the question, and you are tired of the yearly maintenance of cleaning.

Pine Needles in Gutter
Best Gutter Guards For Pine Needles - Image 2

*Photo courtesy of Ameri-Craft Exteriors Inc*

How It Works

Pine Needles Kept blocked with Raindrop Gutter Guard

You need a Gutter Guard and the Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet.

The combination of these two products will keep your gutters clear and draining as they should.

Keep Out The Pine Needles

First you need a gutter guard that will shed debris, because you don’t want the needles sitting on top of your gutter guard. What good is gutter protection if it still needs to be cleaned?

This is why Raindrop® Gutter Guard sits at a pitch. This allows it to act as a continuation of the roof and keep the large amounts of pine needles moving off and onto the ground. Along with other debris, pine needles will stay seated atop a flat laying guard until you get up there and clean them off. This is what sets Raindrop® apart from flat laying systems!

Now you may be thinking that some pine needles will get in through the Raindrop® Gutter Guard, and you are right. Our guard was engineered to allow this, the key is that heaping piles are not, which takes us to the second part of living with pines.

Enlarge The Downspout Outlet

In general, the average downspout outlet will have zip screws sticking up from the floor of the gutter and generous amounts of caulk everywhere. Over time, pine needles will start to get snagged on the zip screws and caulking. Eventually the needles will build up, causing your gutters to clog.

This is why the Wide Mouth Outlet is essential to your gutter system, it opens up the floor of the gutter and eliminates the need for extra zip screws and excess caulking. Now that all potential snagging areas are gone, the debris has no choice but to be flushed through the Wide Mouth Outlet and out of your gutter system.

Still not convinced? Watch the video below to see the Wide Mouth Outlet in action!