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20-Year Warranty by Raindrop Gutter Guard

You know you are in good hands when a company that has been around since the Spring of 2000 and can confidently extend their product’s warranty accordingly.

You don’t want to worry about your gutter guard failing on you. What good is it, if after a year, the product has sunken into the gutter. Or it it is metal, has been dinged or dented and not performing. Or worse yet, has turned your gutter into a garden!

The whole reason you got a gutter protection system was to not have to worry about their performance or if a section has broken. With Raindrop Gutter Guard, you can rest assured that it will perform and last for years and years… decades actually.

The first set of Raindrop Gutter Guards went on a home in Arlington Heights, Illinois in the Spring of 2000. Every couple of years Raindrop goes back and checks on how the product is holding up and performing. Well let me tell you, RGG is so confident that this gutter protection is strong, durable, effective and long lasting, that the warranty has been doubled!






After the installation of Raindrop Gutter Guard on your home, you or your contractor can 

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