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No Roof Left Behind Official Sponsor

No-Roof-Left-Behind-Official-SponsorRaindrop Gutter Guard is proud to announce that we are now sponsoring a great program called No Roof Left Behind. No Roof Left Behind is a charitable program where people in the community can help a good neighbor in need of a new roof.

This program allows a local contractor to provide a free new roof, and sometimes more, to a homeowner in their community that has fallen on hard times.

No Roof Left Behind was started by two brothers, and their family-run roofing business, near Detroit, Michigan in 2009, after the economy took a tumble. They remembered what their grandfather had said about The Great Depression. “Neighbors did what they could for eachother. We stuck together because we had to, and then it was bearable.” These words resonated with them and sparked the idea for No Roof Left Behind.

Raindrop Gutter Guard & No Roof Left Behind

After seeing that one of our RGG Certified Installers was participating in No Roof Left Behind and learning more about it, we had to find out how we could be a part of it.

As National Sponsors, RGG is offering free Raindrop Gutter Guards to each No Roof Left Behind Contractor to install on their winner’s home. We hope to make it to as many NRLB Installation Celebrations as possible to help out where we can.

More on No Roof Left Behind

Watch the video below to find out more about No Roof Left Behind and then Find An Event Near You! You can do your part in helping by casting a vote for every event. You can also nominate a neighbor to win a new roof for an event near you. Or, if you are a contractor, Get Involved! Start a No Roof Left Behind event in your community.

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