Wide Mouth Gutter Outlets 3 different versions

With pine needles shedding every 2-4 or more years, chances are that if they are close to your home, they are clogging up your gutter. Which is bad. Very bad. When your gutters aren’t working properly, water is damaging your home and its foundation.

There is an answer… it’s the Wide Mouth Outlet by Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems. The RGG System is designed to keep out large clog forming debris and let the little stuff flush through the gutter system. Pine needles are a funny type of debris. Lots of pine needles are bad and one here and there is not a problem; but the downspout outlet could be an issue.

A typical downspout outlet has a few zip screws and a good amount of caulking going on. The zip screws and caulking can snag a pine needle, and overtime could build up and clog. So with the Raindrop gutter guard system, instead of cleaning the entire length of gutters, you only have to clean a few pine needles out at the downspout. Here is where the Wide Mouth Outlet comes into play.

Wide Mouth Outlet Top View

Wide Mouth Outlet Top View

The Wide Mouth Outlet has been a great addition to the Raindrop Gutter Guard System. It eliminates the floor of the gutter and creates up to a 4x larger opening AND gets rid of any potential snagging. Adding the Wide Mouth Outlet and Raindrop Gutter Guards to your home will keep you off your ladder once and for all. It is a one-two punch against clogged gutters.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We think this video is worth a thousand pine needles. Bad joke. Sorry about that. Watch this Wide Mouth Gutter Outlet Pine Needle Test video.