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DIY - How To Clean My Gutters This Fall


If you didn’t read Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips 2013, and haven’t had Raindrop Gutter Guards put on your home yet, then this is how to clean your gutters this fall.

Some may use a leaf blower. Some may power wash them out.

These are perfectly fine ways of cleaning your gutters, but they can get a little messy.

The way we are going to tell you how to do is a little more controlled.

Now… Let’s get started.

1. Safety First.

Call A Professional If You Can’t Reach A Spot. Stretching out to get that last clump is not worth going to the hospital.
Tie-off whenever and wherever possible. This includes tying your shoe laces! You don’t want to have a trip-up when on the roof. That could end disastrously.

2. Collect Your Supplies.

Your are going to need a whisk broom, gloves (waterproof if possible), a plastic gutter scoop, bucket, heavy-duty garbage bag, and something to make sure the downspout is clear. Oh, and a ladder, unless you can jump real high, then you’re good.

3. Check The Downspouts First.

This way, if the gutters are clogged and full of water, you can clear the gutter downspout to allow water to drain. The downspout is where the gutter will clog first. The next problem area would be by each gutter bracket. See the RGG Wide Mouth for a better gutter outlet.

4. Work Your Way Around The Gutters.

Start at one end. I like to brush the debris from one end to another. Once the debris pile is too large to brush, use your scoop and move it to the bucket.

5. Empty The Bucket When Needed.

The Bucket will save you time and is safer to carry around with you than the large floppy garbage bag. Empty debris into the bag when bucket is full.

6. Drop The Bag.

If the bag is too full and heavy, then dropping the bag will be safer than trying to carry it down the ladder with you. Be sure the area is clear from people, pets, landscape and most importantly the ladder! That would just be a mess. Another mess would be if the bag is too full and wet, be careful, it could be a giant nasty water balloon. Not Recommended.

7. Dispose Appropriately.

Try and separate the debris a little bit. Remove any broken shingles and nails and throw those in the trash. The rest of the debris, like the decomposing leaves, seeds and twigs, can be discarded like your grass clippings are. Some people like to throw it on their compost pile.


Look into getting Raindrop Gutter Guards, so you don’t have to do this again.