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Garden Pepper Spray. A Natural Alternative To Insecticides.

We posted a question on a social site earlier about a problem we had with burnt/brown looking spots and holes in our red bell pepper plant’s leaves. One response mentioned making an all natural alternative to insecticides. We decided to try this out and this is how we did it.

1) We took some of our previously dried assorted peppers and crushed them up in a bag. Jalapeño, cayenne and other peppers.
2) After crushing up the peppers, dump them into a boiling pot of water.
3) After boiling the crushed up peppers for maybe 15-20 minutes, pour the solution into a bowl and strain out the crushed peppers. We used a paper towel because it was handy. Put it over the bowl and pour slowly.
4) A funnel makes pouring the pepper solution into the spray bottle much easier.
5) We added a few extra peppers into the bottle for good luck.
6) Finally, spray a test area before spraying the whole plant. We will keep you posted on how it works.