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Installing RainDrop in the Heat of the Summer

To prepare for the fall season, you might be thinking in advance about guarding your gutters. Why worry about debris clogging your gutters when you simply don’t have to? That’s an easy enough decision to make, but when it comes to breaking out the ladder and tools for install time, it’s not so straightforward, especially with the elements in question. Let’s walk through what makes for a smooth installation of RainDrop Pro Gutter Guard onto your home during the summer season. 


The polypropylene blend that makes up the RainDrop gutter guard system is blended with a UV stabilizer, making it the best contender to withstand the sun’s heat in the thick of summer. Since it has a high melting point, you can rest assured your gutter guard is safe up there in direct sunlight. 


That said, installing RainDrop in the summer requires a different setup than doing so in the colder months. Polypropylene expands in warmer weather, meaning you’ll have to keep in mind that when it cools down outside, the RainDrop gutter guard will contract. Incorrect installation might mean gaps between each piece that will let in too much debris and clog up your gutters. In this case, leaving minimal space between the sections of RainDrop during hot weather will be the way to go. When they contract as the air cools down, you’ll be left with some space, but not enough so that pesky debris will sneak through.  


Installing RainDrop in the Heat of the Summer - Image 1


Patented gauges on the ends of each section serve as the perfect guide for determining the correct spacing based on the current temperature. Additionally, oval holes along the gutter guard allow you to screw sections together while accounting for the amount of space you’d like to leave between them. Torque stops molded on either side of the oval holes keep screws from pressing too tight against the gutter guard, potentially restricting the system from expanding and contracting. 


Installing RainDrop in the Heat of the Summer - Image 2


RainDrop is looking out for you to make sure you have the best system on your home!