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Product Spotlight: Miter Connector

When it comes to your gutters and installing gutter guards, corners can be especially tricky to get right. Thankfully, RainDrop’s got you covered, with the handy Miter Connector. Made out of the same UV Stabilized Polypropylene as the gutter guard itself, the Miter Connector offers seamless continuity across the gutter system. It won’t fade in direct sunlight, it has a high melting point, it doesn’t absorb water, and it is highly unlikely to shatter, so it can take a significant amount of damage, just like the separate gutter guard pieces. 


Product Spotlight: Miter Connector - Image 1


Now, what does the Miter Connector do for you and your gutter system?

  • Makes a perfect corner transition

  • Allows for guard expansion

  • Saves installation time

  • Provides a professional appearance


The RainDrop Miter Connector provides the installer with a faster and more efficient alternative to cutting an exact miter joint between outside corner guard sections. Find a step-by-step installation video here. And of course, if you’re hesitant to install yourself, you can contact us here


Product Spotlight: Miter Connector - Image 2


There’s no doubt that this piece adds a completeness to the RainDrop gutter guard system, making each separate section feel more uniform. And it eliminates any gaps that may occur when attempting to cut a miter joint on your own. Complete your gutter guard system with the RainDrop Miter Connector today!