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Best Practices: Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are key when it comes to visibility, trust, and engagement. Not only does it give your business more opportunities to rank higher than your competitors, but it allows you to interact with customers, no matter their experience with your company, products, or services.  Encouraging reviews in post-service marketing materials is one thing, but simply providing quality service speaks volumes, and will leave customers thinking about you long after you’ve helped them out. That can be encouragement enough for them to leave positive reviews.   


Best Practices: Customer Reviews - Image 1


Now, where can customers leave reviews? There are a few different places, but it’s perhaps most important to point them in the direction of your Google My Business Profile. In addition to having a complete GMB Listing (with phone number, service area, links, etc.), having many strong Google reviews not only looks great for your profile and your business, but also gives it a better chance at ranking higher in searches. When there are so many gutter guard companies out there, you want to ensure that yours best represents your service area. Of course, we want RainDrop Gutter Guard to lead the charge in every region!


Facebook is also a powerful tool for showcasing customer reviews. Since many potential customers use social media to find services to solve the issues they’re facing with their gutters, it’s important to make the most of your presence on those sites, as well, especially Facebook. Featuring reviews on your website is a plus as well, reinforcing your clout to visitors hoping you can be the solution they need. 


Finally, interacting with customers is important, as well. Take some time to respond to all reviews, whether or not they’re positive. That will help your business be seen as approachable, personable, and active. When potential customers doing research on the best solutions for their gutter problems see that you care, they’re more than likely to consider you for the job. 


It will take time, especially if you’re just starting out. But in the long run, your efforts will pay off!