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How Bad Gutters Affect Your Home

Ineffective or improperly installed gutter systems aren’t just an inconvenience, getting you wet as you walk up to your front door. They go beyond drenching the shrubbery bordering your home, as well; bad gutters can lead to various problems above, below, and around your house. You want every investment to be an effective and long-lasting one, keeping you and your family safe from the elements and structural issues. Knowing how bad gutters can affect your home is essential to being aware of what to look for if you’re considering an upgrade to your security. 


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Starting from the top, if your gutters aren’t properly anchored, and collect too much debris or fail to drain water properly, that weight can pull the system from your home, causing damage to your fascia. Overflow can cause that wood to rot as well, making for potential issues when it comes to your roof. Furthermore, especially in the colder months, clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, negatively impacting both your gutters and your roof. Certain types of siding and exterior casings around windows and doors can also experience rot and water damage if not efficiently protected from rain. You want your gutters to direct that water away from your home. 


Excessive or extreme weather can not only over-soak your yard, but it can wash away smaller flowers and shrubs and create quite the mess. Perhaps the most damage to your home can come from this as well – the weight of the wet soil closest to your home will push up against your foundation, causing it to bow and potentially crack, leading to leaks and structural issues. Water getting into your basement or crawl space is one thing, but depending on where that water is coming from, there may be bigger problems at the source that can be quelled with a reliable gutter system. 

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Worried about water damage? Do ice dams frequent the edges of your roof in the winter? Contact us today to get in touch with a RainDrop installer and reinforce your gutter system with a trusted, high-performance, low-maintenance gutter guard.