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Prevent Ice Dams with RainDrop

What are ice dams? 


During the colder months, when the temperatures sink below freezing, the freezing, melting, and re-freezing of snow and ice results in ice dams. Piles of snow back up onto your roof starting at the roofline. It might look pretty, seeing those icicles hanging off the edge, but it could prove dangerous to your roof and attic, if not properly installed, insulated, and ventilated. 


Prevent Ice Dams with RainDrop - Image 1

As snow and ice re-freezes, it can push gutters away from the home, causing damage to fascia, and push up against shingles, loosening them or ripping them from the home entirely. Then, as it melts again during the day, it can leak into the attic and cause water damage inside, as well. Gaps from nails and screws, around chimneys and vents, and through plumbing and electrical penetrations contribute to improper insulation and ventilation, creating further opportunity for ice to melt after it’s made its way beneath roof shingles. 


A reliable gutter guard system can also contribute to keeping ice dams at bay. Specifically, RainDrop’s blend of polypropylene and UV stabilizers paired with its black color allow the gutter guard to absorb as much sunlight as possible to prevent ice from forming as much as it would on a standard gutter or competitor gutter guard system.


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Finding a professional home insulation contractor is essential, and reinforcing that security with a trusted gutter guard is crucial. Contact us today and be prepared to ward off ice dams this winter.