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Product Spotlight: Downspout Clean-Out

A part of the RainDrop Gutter Guard system’s product line, a handy and innovative option is the downspout clean-out. This piece is installed into the downspout to filter micro debris.


Homes with underground drain tiles or water harvesting systems will benefit from this product, as it will catch any debris that gets through the gutter guard but would be more difficult to retrieve from underground systems. 


Product Spotlight: Downspout Clean-Out - Image 1


The downspout clean-out is a valuable, effective substitute for micro screens, which can be expensive and require maintenance. That poses a hazard, considering we strive to reduce your ladder usage for gutter maintenance. Debris can still get stuck in some micro and mesh screens. With this product, maintenance is as simple as removing the basket to empty it, and returning it to the downspout. Plus, our downspout clean-outs install at ground level – no ladders necessary! 


Our recommendation is to empty the basket after every rainfall. That way you’re well-prepared for the next storm. 


Product Spotlight: Downspout Clean-Out - Image 2


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