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RainDrop is a Must-Have

According to Whizard Strategy, there are different types of building products that fall into a spectrum sandwiched between “Nice to Have” and “Have to Have.” They said it best: “your goal should be to make your product indispensable.” Needless to say, we believe RainDrop Gutter Guard is a must-have, “have to have” product that reinforces the safety of your home in more ways than one. Let’s walk through some reasons why. 


RainDrop is a Must-Have - Image 1


  1. It’s Versatile. RainDrop works on every roof style, and fits on a variety of gutter sizes. It’s modifiable, and highly adaptable. You can leave behind any worries that your home is too unique for a gutter guard like ours. 

  2. It’s Effective. Our product is designed to handle any amount of water from the strongest storm. Plus, RainDrop can handle high-volume valleys, as opposed to other products that usually can’t. 

  3. It’s Durable. From the weight of debris, snow, and ice, to extreme climates and strong sunlight, this gutter guard can withstand it all. Between its special blend of polypropylene and UV stabilizers, RainDrop is up for the challenge.

  4. It’s Sleek. It’s not bulky, looking like nothing more than a shadow at the roof line. So from the street, RainDrop is virtually invisible. 


RainDrop is a Must-Have - Image 2


These factors contribute to RainDrop being the full package. It is all of these things in addition to keeping your home safe from water damage, leaks, rot, and dangerous structural damage. This is a must-have product in that it is low-maintenance and retains your home’s value, giving you one less thing to worry about.