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Product Spotlight: End Caps

End Caps are an essential part of the RainDrop gutter guard system, closing off the gutter and ultimately working as a protection system. So wherever there is a gutter end cap, there should be a RainDrop end cap.

Product Spotlight: End Caps - Image 1

Not only is the end cap protecting the system itself, it’s also protecting you, the homeowner, from potential resulting environmental hazards. Gutters can provide critters and reptiles everything they need for survival: protection, shade, and easy access to prey. Gutter guards & end caps prevent intruders from entering the gutter. Without them, the opening could give birds, bugs, squirrels, and even snakes the perfect home to nest. 

Gutters being so high off the ground gives these critters guarded safety from predators, and on top of that, clogged gutters that are filled with debris are the perfect opportunity for a pre-made nest. Add that to a new resident in your gutters, and the weight & disturbance can cause your gutters to sag and pull away from the home, causing overall damage to the structure, and, in turn, to your home. This can cause damage to your fascia or even your roof, leading to water damage, mold, or even openings for leaks and bugs or animals entering your attic.

Product Spotlight: End Caps - Image 2

Damage aside, gutter guards also work as a physical barrier so possums and other rodents cannot crawl behind fascia boards and make their way into your home. 

RainDrop’s end caps are interchangeable from left to right sides. They’re made of pre-bent aluminum metal for efficient and quick installation. A clean termination for the gutter system as a whole, it’s safe to say that end caps are important for ultimate gutter (and home) protection!