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Preventing Fire Hazards with RainDrop

Many states right now are experiencing droughts. This doesn’t just create issues pertaining to water – fire hazards are also of concern. How do your gutters potentially pose a danger regarding fire hazards, and how does RainDrop Gutter Guard help prevent those hazards? Let’s explore that. 

The buildup of debris in your gutters is dangerous in many ways. From weighing down the system and causing damage to your home to inefficiently controlling water thus allowing it to pool around your foundation, structural damage throughout your home remains a risk. But debris can also pose a fire hazard, especially if dry enough. The last thing you want is a fire starting in your home, let alone right over your head.

Preventing Fire Hazards with RainDrop - Image 1

That’s not all: wet leaves can also catch fire in the right conditions, and if they do, they emit more smoke than dry leaves, and are likely to release certain chemicals that can be harmful to the body if too close. Even if the weather isn’t enough to spark a flame, incoming embers from hot coals or wood can provide a threat to your debris buildup. These embers can travel far distances in some cases and prove a danger to you and your home when coming into contact with easily flammable twigs & leaves. 

Luckily RainDrop’s reliability in keeping debris from building up in your gutters is an effective shield. Keep your family and your home protected, no matter the season or the weather, with the best professional gutter protection in the world.

Preventing Fire Hazards with RainDrop - Image 2