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RainDrop Gutter Guard 5 Year Review. House With Giant Pine Trees And Tons Of Pine Needles.

"Hey, how you doing? My name is Kevin Beck, and I’m a local rep in the Chicago market for Raindrop Gutter Guard. And this is my house. As you can see I’ve got about three giant pine trees in my front yard. And I want to tell you a little bit about Raindrop Gutter Guard and how it’s doing with the pine needles. In this corner of the house here in the basement, we had water coming in. And thought, ‘Oh man! We’ve got water in the basement!’ Right away I went out, and I checked this downspout here. It was completely full of pine needles, as was the gutter right up in here. At the time, there were no gutter guards in it and that entire downspout as I mentioned and gutters they were all completely full of these pine needles. As soon as I cleaned everything out, I installed the Raindrop Gutter Guard around the whole house, but in particular in this section right here. In the next series of videos and pictures, you’re going to see the results of the Raindrop Gutter Guard and how well they perform with pine needles. I installed those five years ago, and I have yet to see any water in the basement. And as you’re going to see, the gutters are completely clean. Thank for taking the time to watch this. As you see Raindrop Gutter Guard is awesome. And its handling those pine needles. Take care.” - Kevin Beck